Turks and Caicos

Today I will be featuring two of Turks and Caicos’ go to destinations. Although conveniently located side by side, Cocovan and Cocobistro offer two distinctly different vibes and menus. This duo was my favorite to visit during my stay. They were also within walking distance of my hotel so that was an added plus.

Cocovan-by far, the most memorable find (food wise) of the entire vacation. I am OBSESSED with their fried shrimp mac n cheese balls. They were soooooo good. I was literally trying to think of every excuse I could to revisit Cocovan so I could get my hands on more. Given the choice, I would have eaten these every single day.  If anyone has a suggestion on where to find some really good mac n cheese balls in Atlanta, please leave me a comment because I am now on a search to find a treat as delectable as these.

Coco Bistro-Hopefully the photos will help translate how gorgeous it was there. I’d never been in an atmosphere quite like this before then. Dining in a tropical oasis filled with palm trees and sunshine was a memorable and enchanting experience to say the least. Something I try to do most often when on vacation is try the local fare but I couldn’t resist ordering a nice tenderloin accompanied by beef’s partner in crime; mashed potatoes. (Check out the caption below for a more detailed description from the menu). My husband however, did opt for a dish that offered ingredients that were a little more befitting of an island vacation; fresh seafood.  His was in the form of a penne adorned with a creamy alla vodka sauce, topped with parmesan and basil; one of the specials of the evening.

“Porcini and Caicos Coffee crusted 8oz beef tenderloin-
with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, bacon marmalade, and peppercorn gastrique”
Seafood Penne Alla Vodka
Coconut Sorbet


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