Morton’s-The Steakhouse

Although this is not a restaurant specific to Atlanta, and it is a chain, I wanted to take some time to pay homage to a beloved eatery that holds a special place in my heart.  Morton’s is somewhere I recently visited after not having been for about a decade. I have the fondest memories of visiting Morton’s many times and sitting near the bar…not solely to order drinks but to take part in their legendary “bar bites.” I absolutely love their selection of bar bites; this is one place that really does happy hour right, especially when it comes to half priced food that the happiest of hours is sometimes known for.

Now since it had been quite some time since I visited, one of the items I usually order had changed slightly, but in the best possible way. One of the “bites” I would always order were the mini (filet) sandwiches. They’ve evolved from a traditional sandwich to an open faced style and each is topped with a unique and decadent sauce. The tiny chunks of filet were perched atop a slightly toasted piece of bread fitted perfectly for the meat.

Next, THE CRAB CAKES. Wowzers. These were the first crabcakes I’ve had in a while that weren’t stuffed with at least 40 percent filler….they were literally ALL crab. I always have such high expectations for crab cakes because I love them so dearly and I hate getting let down when I taste one with a lot of extra “fluff,” so happy that wasn’t the case here.

Lastly, I ordered an old favorite…the crab, spinach and artichoke dip. Now, this is no ordinary dip. Theirs has a buttery almost crunchy parmesan cheese topping that left me weak, it gets me every time. Thanks

I can’t leave this post without mentioning their dinner bread. It was a delightfully fresh loaf of bread speckled with tiny flecks of onion that sent the most fragrant onion flavor throughout, what a treat!

  1. Jamesdiomo says:

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  2. Sharon says:

    Great food! Love your post.

  3. Kayla says:

    Those crab cakes look phenomenal, wow!


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