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Due to the size of this blog post, I decided to split it into two, one is sweet and the other is savory>>>> Whenever I watch any type of show that involves hosts traveling to other places to enjoy the local cuisine, I always make a list of the places that look interesting to me with the hopes of going one day.

This Los Angeles blog post is filled with some that made the list as well as a few unexpected, added surprises. To go along with this idea, I have labeled some “hit list” and others “unexpected.” This is just a snippet from the latest trip. There are dozens and dozens of food places I want to go to in L.A.…..I’ve got a looooong way to go!

Republic of Pie (hit list)

Such a quaint place, with bold flavors on the menu. So yeah, Republic of Pie does sell tons of pie as you can imagine but the breakfast menu isn’t too shabby either (sarcastic, understatement). The main reason I went here was too try the Fruity Pebbles French Toast.

Somewhere in my mind I created this fear that it would be too sweet, or soggy, or simply not live up to the hype I had imagined; I was wrong. It wasn’t too sweet, or overpowering, or any of those things. It had just the right amount of crunch on the outside and was delicately soft inside. The “fruity” flavor paired well with the syrup as well as whatever batter was used for the French Toast. I can’t fathom a better way to make this particular dish. It was a real breakfast treat! Republic of Pie outdid themselves with this one.

Milk+T (unexpected)

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my obsession with boba. AKA tapioca pearls, bubbles…etc. Therefore; a visit to LA wouldn’t be complete without sampling at least one type of bubble tea or slushie. Above the pearls pictured in photo, you can see small pieces of something else which is aloe jelly. Usually I’ll get half aloe (or lychee) jelly and half pearls mixed in with my tea or slushie because I love it so much. By the way–I really enjoyed how this bubble tea was packaged.

HoneyMee (hit list)

Honeymee is a local California spot that takes two unassuming components and unites them to create a delightful treat. Who knew milk ice cream and pure honeycomb would be such a delight. Super rich and creamy are the adjectives that come to mind when I think about this amazing take on a traditional cup of soft serve ice cream.  I first encountered Honeymee on Instagram, the photos don’t do it justice.


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