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I’m going to copy+paste the Intro from the Los Angeles-Sweet blog here but continue reading for the savory edition:

Due to the size of this blog post, I decided to split it into two, one is sweet and the other is savory>>>> Whenever I watch any type of show that involves hosts traveling to other places to enjoy the local cuisine, I always make a list of the places that look interesting to me with the hopes of going one day.  This Los Angeles blog post is filled with some that made the list as well as a few unexpected, added surprises. To go along with this idea, I have labeled some “hit list” and others “unexpected.” This is just a snippet from the latest trip. There are dozens and dozens of food places I want to go to in L.A.…..I’ve got a looooong way to go!

Tao (unexpected+ surprise)

A top notch experience with an ultra swanky vibe. This is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. There was just so much to look at. Everything was so colorful, full of culture, and the architecture is modern yet traditional at the same time. What it felt like was being in a small-scale concert venue…picture different levels of seating, some subterranean, some balcony style. I could say so much more about the atmosphere but let’s move on to the food. It was definitely a sushi experience and while I usually like my sushi cooked, I did enjoy some raw options here. Also, one of the best parts of my trip there was the dessert platter which was a massive array of sweets that included a giant fortune cookie and mochi ice cream among others.

Joan’s on Third (hit list + been here before)

I try my hardest not to be a repeat offender but some places just get me. Years ago, I saw a detailed account of how a particular sandwich I wanted is made on Food Network’s Guilty Pleasures. What I saw then captivated me but nothing could have prepared me for what ensued when I actually got a hold of it. From what I witnessed, a lot of tender love & care goes into making this sandwich and you can taste it. This is NOT a basic sandwich. If you really want to let your mind wander let’s think about the short rib to start. This short rib is cooked for 3 hours in red wine, carrots, and celery to name a few. After that it’s placed in between the most delicious buttered bread along with a generous amount of cheese, caramelized-pickled onions, and arugula. Believe me when I say this, it is absolutely divine. Want more? Just watch Joan herself make it here:

Jinya (unexpected)

This is a rarity on my blog…a chain restaurant. For me, ramen is a seasonal food. In my opinion, it gets entirely too hot in Atlanta to have Ramen in the summer… however, as soon as it gets cold ramen is one thing I thoroughly enjoy. My first time seeing Jinya was on this particular trip to California. I tried to go a couple times but there was always a super long wait. One night I mustered up the courage to wait it out, which didn’t end up being that long thankfully. Their ramen really hit the spot. What I loved the most about it is how all of the ingredients came together to make such a delightful and comforting meal. The noodles were cooked perfectly and the broth was the best compliment to each and every flavor. When you visit do yourself a favor and order the spicy, creamy shrimp tempura if they have it. To my surprise, we have a few locations here in the A as well and I’m very happy about it.

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    All of it looks soooo good!

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    All of it looks delicious ?


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