Food Terminal

I am a repeat visitor of Food Terminal and I’m not afraid to share it. Every time I go I order the same thing in some form or fashion….noodles & dessert, noodles, & dessert. This pair keeps me coming back every single time.

The very last time I went, I opted for the “6 hours Braised Beef” and all I can say is wow!!! I was so incredibly pleased; the flavors blew me away. On another visit I was fortunate enough to try the Garlic Noodles topped with a heap of lump crab meat. They were deliciously infused garlic noodles topped with a healthy hill of creamy crab. This one was equally drool-worthy.

Now on to dessert…

I love to enjoy this dessert during the warmer months because it’s oh so light and refreshing. The “Mango, Grapefruit Sago” is composed of the most delicious combo of fresh grapefruit, coconut ice cream, mango puree, and sago (if you’re unfamiliar with sago, it’s like eating plain tapioca…bouncy, tapioca pearls. This one wins, over and over again!

Also, this was yummy as well…captioned below

Ginger+Mint leaf+Lemon+San Pellegrino Soda

  1. Calvin says:

    waiting to see what this is like

  2. Shaton says:

    Unique restaurant and very creative. Looks good.

  3. Timi says:

    Looks deliciously divine. Another place on my list to visit in Atlanta.😊


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