Botiwalla is known as being a popular locale for Indian Street food. I am ALWAYS satisfied after leaving this place!!! From specially crafted beverages, to finger foods, to hand foods, they’ve got it all. So far I’ve tried the lamb burgers, SPDP, masala tri tip roll (a personal fave), and the tamarind soda.

The lamb burgers have so many delightful flavors. They’re seasoned with a bevy of seasonings and topped with a few unique toppings including desi slaw, green chutney, and Maggi Ketchup.

As a lover of beef, of course I thoroughly enjoyed the tri-tip roll but again, all of the additions to this dish made it truly amazing. It is marinated to perfection amongst several top-quality ingredients and encompassed in a piece of warm and delicate naan bread.

For all intensive purposes, I’m going to put the description of SPDP right below so be sure to check it out. (They come with instructions ya’ll)

Straight from the menu- Savory puffed flour crisps (puris) stuffed with potatoes, onions, cilantro, and crunchy chickpea noodles(sev). Piped with sweet yogurt, green, and tamarind chutney.

I can’t leave without mentioning the tamarind cola because I love it that much. This soda is really unique for a couple reasons. First, it’s comprised of housemade tamarind and second, it’s made with demerara which is a specific type of sweetener made from cane sugar. I absolutely cannot leave without getting one of these.

As always, thank you Botiwalla!

  1. Sharon says:

    All of them look delicious.
    Thanks Handy Chef!

  2. Timi says:

    Everything looks amazingly delicious. Yum.😊


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