Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks

I remember going to Big Dave’s before he had a location of his own. It was packed to the brim with people who were anxious for the opportunity to indulge in one of his highly sought after sandwiches…the cheesesteak that is. He is known for providing some truly authentic Philly Cheesesteaks to the Atlanta area and beyond. Since that moment I’ve been back a couple times and each time is an experiencee to remember.

Upon first bite I immediately noticed the robust flavors and was immediately captivated. The meat was so tender and juicy and the bread was the perfect foundation to hold all of the goodness within. At Big Dave’s you are free to add the many toppings offered on the menu, I just happened to take it easy and top mine with provolone and onions. Sometimes I like to let the flavors speak for themselves.

One of the items I was most excited to try was the Cheesesteak Eggrolls (I tried chicken and steak). WOOOWW!! These are a must-try when you visit, they were delightfully crispy on the outside with just the right amount of filling inside. The accompanied sweet & spicy sauce was the perfect compliment too!

Thanks a bunch Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks!!!

  1. Sharon says:

    That looks so delicious 😋. Next on my restaurant stop.


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